Saturday, 3 March 2012

How to be a good Hockey Player (by Simon Mwangi)

Brian Ahenda, my teammate, dripples past a defender

I play field hockey for The Kimathi titans and I’ve always wanted to become one of the best in field hockey. So here’s a few tips on how you’d also be a good performer at the sport:
Practice, practice, practice
You’ll never realize your full potential until you test yourself in the training ground. Always attend training, push yourself to the limit. I know there may come a point where laziness kicks in especially in physical training, but as I usually say, at that point time, it is when you need to train more. Hit the gym at least thrice a week!
Your body needs to rest as much as you need to train. Always take water after training; take a bath too, it relaxes the muscles. Have a good night sleep. In case you are back to training from an injury spell, please take part in some light training. Don’t go out raving a night before the game. You need much needed rest before going to participate in the match!
Check your diet.
You need to check what you eat. Don’t push junk food into your system. Take a well-balanced diet. Eat light before a game; preferably fruits and vegetables, also take some fluids like water, juice etc.
Listen, Watch and Learn
There is a reason why you have two eyes, two ears and one mouth – so that you can watch and listen twice as much as you can talk. Always listen to aht the coach is telling you. He/She has more experience than you have. Let your suggestions come later when he/she has finished talking. Listen and learn from other players in the team; especially senior players, since they have more experience than ou do. Always share your ideas with the other members of the team. Don’t feel bad if you are sub-ed or not selected to play. Go to the pitch watch the game, pick up a few skills and tactics from the game and try them out in training!
Get Good Equipment
Always get hockey equipment that will suit you. Get a hockey stick that is the right size for you. If you are a goalie get the goalkeeping equipment that suits you. Get the proper shoe size, light in weight.
Always Warm Up Before a Match
Never start playing a match without having a proper warm up session, or else you’ll end up getting a muscle cramp or premature
Always warm up before the match exhaustion.

Always Look Up
Most hockey players don’t look up and end up giving away blind passes. Always look up!
Get Your Game Face On
Always focus on the game. Never let anything or anyone distract you. Loss of concentration from one player in the team may cause a loss. Never hold a grudge against your teammate; this will cause you to focus on your grudge instead of playing with your teammate.
It’s a Team Sport
As much as individual brilliance is needed in the game, please involve other team members. Don’t overwork yourself with silly dribbles to prove a point to your fans. Before you do something that will get you into the umpires booking, think of the consequences.
Fain Your Anger and Frustration
Control your anger. A knock with a hockey stick or ball is painful; trust me, I had this knock once that had threatened to end my hokey career. If you are down a goal or two, the best thing you could do is to play your best and get goals; you have nothing more to lose – ever heard of “The best form of defense is to attack”?
Always Trust your instincts
Nothing much to say here
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